Call The Midwife series four and Christmas special commence filming

Made by Neal Street Productions for BBC One, the award-winning drama series Call The Midwife has begun filming for a Christmas special in 2014 and new series of eight episodes in 2015.

Joining the regular cast are Linda Bassett (East Is East, Lark Rise To Candleford) as Nurse Phyllis Crane and Charlotte Ritchie (Life Of Riley, Fresh Meat) as Nurse Barbara Gilbert. Vanessa Redgrave will appear as the mature Jennifer Worth on screen for the first time during the Christmas special episode.

Created and written by Heidi Thomas, the fourth series continues filming on location at the historic Chatham dockyard and at its studio base in Chertsey, Surrey. Audiences can expect to see a similar mixture of laughter and tears this time around, with fascinating and emotional stories celebrating the people of Poplar, and the much-loved residents of Nonnatus House. Series four sees the community of nuns and nurses in 1960, on the cusp of much change in London’s East End. A new decade dawns, and with it come different and exciting challenges for the team at Nonnatus House. Can the nuns and midwives hold onto their traditional values in a rapidly changing world? Continue reading ‘Call The Midwife series four and Christmas special commence filming’ »

Call the Midwife – Episode 6

call the midwifeAs the midwives set off for their rounds, they get waylaid by Tom, the local curate, and Fred, who are trying to spruce up an old bus outside Nonnatus House.

Tom is clearly keen on Trixie and asks if she would like to join him for a day of cricket. She happily accepts and goes back to work with a spring in her step. But, their date is disastrous and she is left feeling disappointed.

Patsy appears to be struggling to adapt to the unpredictable and chaotic working life that midwifery brings. She upsets a young mother in the clinic which sees her being taken off midwifery and put on to the district rota. In the course of her work, she forms Continue reading ‘Call the Midwife – Episode 6’ »

Call The Midwife | Episode 5

 Sister Julienne and Cynthia are busy packaging up donated clothing for charity, in this week’s visit to Nonnatus House.

One parcel is destined to go to St Gideon’s, an institution which cares for those with disabilities and learning difficulties. Jacob, who has cerebral palsy, oversees delivery of the clothing and steps in to help Sally, who has Down’s syndrome, select a beautiful cardigan to wear to the Institution’s annual dance. She is delighted. After the dance, Sally’s mother finds her feeling unwell and takes her to Nonnatus House to be examined.

Dr Turner suggests Continue reading ‘Call The Midwife | Episode 5’ »

Call The Midwife – Series 3 -Episode 4

Helen George, Bryony Hannah, Pam Ferris, Cliff Parisi and Laura Main (credit BBC/Neal Street Productions)

Jenny is concerned that a Jewish patient, Leah, is struggling to cope with her mother’s sickness and agoraphobia, on top of her own pregnancy.

Although her husband is offered a new job and home, Leah knows she can’t leave her mother behind after all they went through to survive the Holocaust. But, with the arrival of new life, it’s as if Mrs Rubin is reborn too and with a great deal of effort and help from Sister Winifred, she manages to step outside for the first time in 12 years.

Alec surprises Jenny by asking her to Continue reading ‘Call The Midwife – Series 3 -Episode 4’ »

Call The Midwife – Series 3 Trailer – Episode 3

Sister Julienne receives a phone call from Holloway Prison where the Salvation Army, who normally provide midwifery for female inmates, have been struck down with influenza.

She is called to care for the women and asks Trixie to help her. One of their patients, heavily pregnant Stella, confesses she’s worried social services will think she’s an unfit mother and take her baby. Although Stella is not honest at the start, Sister Julienne puts her Continue reading ‘Call The Midwife – Series 3 Trailer – Episode 3’ »

Call The Midwife – Series 3 Trailer – Episode 1

Following the closure of the former Nonnatus House, the nuns and midwives finally move into their new premises. The building is not the only new sight as Sister Winifred arrives from the Mother House. She is a warm-hearted, slightly innocent young woman.

Helen George, Bryony Hannah, Pam Ferris, Cliff Parisi and Laura Main (credit BBC/Neal Street Productions)Jenny is concerned about new mother Merle’s mental state and the welfare of her newborn who isn’t feeding properly. Dr Turner is concerned that it could be something more serious. Sister Monica Joan’s increasingly eccentric behaviour has been causing concern, but she is the one who finally solves this perplexing medical mystery.

Trying to adjust to her new role of housewife and mother, Chummy decides to spearhead an Open Day at the Community Centre, even attempting to secure attendance from a Royal guest! When the Continue reading ‘Call The Midwife – Series 3 Trailer – Episode 1’ »